The video below is the entire Class 6. 
I couldn't edit so you will have to forward to the 20 minute mark then the class will start. 

Watch the lesson before Wednesday & finish assignment today!!  

There is an assignment below the video for Class 6 information. 
We will have a Quiz on Class 6 information in video on Wednesday.

For the assignment, use your notes & Driver Guide. 

I am so sorry this happened today. 

If this is your make up class, make sure you see the lesson!

I am so sorry this happened today. I tested everything yesterday and signal was strong.  We got hit with a NASTY storm here and everyone in this community is having problems with internet.  (Should have seen the angry masses in the community area when the Hawks game kept cutting out)  So hopefully you are not to upset with me..   Absolute disaster today... soaked, cold -   phone was destroyed..  

Use this form (click on button) Enter name and then leave it open until you are completed with the video. 
It will provide a time attendance.